57With the weather hotting up, getting outdoors and socialising with friends and family makes having a BBQ a popular Summer pastime.  BBQ food can delicious and by taking on board these top tips a great way to eat healthy and keep your body in great shape. Vicky Warr, founder at TheBeezKneez, presents 7 Top Tips for a Healthy BBQ.

  1. Make your own burgers using Lean Beef or Turkey Mince (leaner and less processed than shop bought burgers and sausages)
  2. Swap white rolls or baguettes for wholegrain rolls which contain far more fibre to make you feel fuller for longer and ward off sugar cravings (leading to eating more)
  3. Serve up a large green salad of avocados, rocket and mixed salad leaves or lettuce for nutrients.
  4. Make Vegetable kebabs with Red Pepper, Baby Onions or Shallots, Courgettes, Baby Tomatoes and add some Feta Cheese which is a healthier cheese and contains less saturated fat.
  5. Choose fish such as Sardines or Salmon Steaks. Both contain Omega 3 and 6, essential fats that are good for your skin, aid fat loss and are safe to eat during pregnancy.
  6. Marinade meats and fish in this healthy marinade of  Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Garlic Cloves and Salt and Pepper.
  7. Sweet potato chips contain more fibre and nutrients than the usual white potatoes and are easy to do on the BBQ.



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