Nutrition in a bottle for new mums

The perfect portable pregnancy and postpartum nutrition aid! Take your juice with you in a handy bottle to work or when you're out with your baby.  

My 'Better Belly Juice' is packed with foods that contain vitamins and nutrients that contribute to improving your energy, starving off sugar cravings and boost your immune system to feel, look and help you to eat better during pregnancy, post baby and beyond.

Your kids will also love this juice too, so serve it up for the whole family!

Makes 4 glasses

6 medium oranges (peeled)
1 RAW beetroot (peel and half - wear gloves!)
4 medium carrots 
(peel and cut in half)
½ inch of ginger

Pop all ingredients into the juicer and juice.
Add crushed ice or ice cubes for a fresher, cooler taste.

Why it's TheBeezKneez..

Oranges improve the appearance of your skin and your immune system with the Vitamin C they contain.  Eaten with foods rich in iron, they also help increase iron absorption to improve energy.

Beetroot is perfect if you feel fatigued and far better than a bottle of pills! A powerful blood cleanser and tonic. It really helps boost immune resistance and is often used in treating anaemia, iron deficiency. Make sure to use and eat raw beetroot as the properties are more powerful as the nutrients have not been depleted in the cooking process, like the vacumn packed beetroot. Also has a long history of use in the treatment of cancer. Some studies have shown specific anti-carcinogenic substances in beetroot.

Ginger provides a natural morning sickness relief during pregnancy and aids digestion.

Carrots, in fact just one carrot, will give your body your daily Vitamin A requirement. Carrots are therefore hailed a 'beauty food' as the beta-carotene they contain is converted into vitamin A by the body. Vitamin A keeps skin, hair, nails and eyes looking good as it promotes and stimulates cell division; regenerating collagen and maintaining oil production in the body to slow down the skin's ageing process and eyesight deterioration.

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