This is one of my favourite juices for busy Mums & Moms as it contains just 3 ingredients but feeds you with loads of vitamins and nutrients to improve your tummy, energy levels and appearance of your skin. It's also quite sweet tasting so good for when you need a little 'sweet' fix. Plus my children love it and I know I'm helping increase their fruit and vegetable intake.

This makes enough for 4 people


6 green apples, no need to peel, just half and cut out core
2 sticks of celery, washed and cut into rough slices
¼ lime, with peel

How to make

Put apples into juicer first, follow with celery and the lime. Juice until you've extracted all the juice!

A note on juicing..

Juicing is a tasty way to fill your body with essential vitamins and nutrients from fruit and vegetables and improve your diet when you are a busy mum or mom. With a baby on the way, having a new baby or with family commitments we often don't make eating well a priority. Eating and drinking enough of the good stuff by consuming ones dense in vitamins and nutrients benefits both you and your growing baby plus you'll be more conscious of what you are feeding your older children and other family members too!

Finding the time to always make sure you are including the vital fruits and vegetables as part of every meal can be challenging as a busy mum or mom. This refreshing, tasty juice comes to your rescue as it has just three foods which are easy to find in the supermarket. It's pretty easy to prepare as you do a bit of chopping and putting in the juicer.  It will keep for a day or so afterwards too.

A note on why this juice is The Beez Kneez...

Helps burn fat.
Apples are one of the best fat burning foods as they are high in fibre and pectin (found in citrus fruits) which slows down fat and glucose absorption and encourages water absorption in your body's cells. They are also a bonus for your heart too; the pectin and vitamin C in apples help keep cholesterol levels stable and the pectin also protects your body from effects of pollution and eliminates them, great if you live in a city. In a French Study, eating two apples a day resulted in an average drop in cholesterol levels of up to 10%.

Helps you cope with stress better.
Celery is not such a popular food as it's often considered 'bland'. Combining it with apples and lime makes it far more interesting! The health benefits of celery certainly shouldn't be ignored, it's like a stalk of medicine with a perfect balanced combination of vitamins K, C, B6, potassium, calcium, magnesium dietary fibre, and iron. This combination of vitamins and nutrients helps improve your nervous system and the functioning of the kidneys to eliminate waste and toxins. Strengthening of the nerves and eliminating waste makes our bodies more able to cope with stress and anxiety.

It aids a detox.
Limes are a real detoxifier and have a super high vitamin C content, perfect tonic for your skin and a great immune system booster to ward off colds and coughs. If you are suffering from constipation, common during pregnancy and after having a baby, limes also help breakdown other nutrients in food you've eaten to encourage smoother digestion and get the bowels moving! They help cure urinary tract infections such as cystitis.

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