Meet Vicky, Founder and Pre and Postnatal Specialist Coach

Welcome! I am so glad you are here. I'm Vicky Warr, a pregnancy and postnatal fitness expert and sports and exercise nutrition coach with over 17 years experience in the fitness industry.

I work with mums to be and moms to be, new mums and moms and mums and moms whose children are past the baby stage and more toddlers or school age. I help them through the cycles of motherhood;

1) to have a fit, healthy pregnancy.
2) to recover their strength, energy and shape after having a baby so they can feel happy, confident and deal with the demands of being a new parent.
3) facilitate being a healthy, happy mum and mom to be a role model to their children and family.

I created my online postnatal exercise and healthy eating method to make great lifestyle choices for you so as a mum and mom you have the strength and confidence for you and your family.

I'm here to share my knowledge and expertise so you can achieve the results you are looking for with your health and fitness during pregnancy, after having your baby and beyond.

My journey to fitness

Prior to starting in the fitness industry, I worked as a radio presenter at various radio stations including BBC Radio London and in a global advertising agency as a Senior Account Director. Here, my clients included a cigarette brand, Foxes Biscuits and Anchor Butter. During this time, I developed an interest in fitness and exercise and I wanted to get fit and healthier myself as I was feeling jaded, low on energy and out of shape. So I joined exercise classes and started reading about how to eat more healthily. After a year of going to fitness classes and making changes to my eating habits, I saw and felt the effect that making lifestyle changes and exercise choices had on my body shape, energy levels and confidence! I trained as a marathon runner and took up triathlons. 

With my new passion for fitness, I decided to make a career change and trained as a fitness instructor. I then took a more extensive  certification with the YMCA as a Level 3 personal trainer. After qualifying I started training women, many of whom had had children. At the time, there was limited specific training programs that addressed the changes that had happened to their bodies during pregnancy and beyond so I spent my time researching the best exercises, the best foods and how to deliver these into a realistic plan that worked with feeling sleep deprived, tired, overwhelmed and busy! During this time, I experienced pregnancy and birth myself (twice) to bring more of an 'insider' knowledge to my postnatal exercise videos and nutrition programs.

This face to face work over 17 years is now available to you, no matter where you live.

Come and 'meet me'

You can watch my exercise videos on my YouTube channel. 
There's new content on my Facebook Page and Instagram and at my Blog.

Here's to your health, your happiness and your body after babies and beyond!

Queen Charlotte’s Hospital, one of leading maternity hospitals in the UK

2015 - Finalist at the Hertfordshire Business Awards
2007 - Nominated for West London's ‘Pride of People Award’


  • Advanced Level 3 Personal Trainer with prenatal and postnatal exercise prescription.
  • Drummond Education (Fit Pro) Advanced Pre and Postnatal Fitness Programme Design.
  • Burrell Education Modern Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise Prescription.
  • Certified Primal Flow™ instructor.
  • Certified Kettlebell™ instructor.

Contributor to 

Gurgle Magazine - Mothercare (UK) - BBC Radio (UK)

Featured in

Runner's World - NCT magazine - Gurgle Magazine - Maternity Coaching - The Daily Mail

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